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Delivering a Clean Hydrogen Economy in Northern Ireland.

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About Us

Supporting the Growth of the Clean Hydrogen Economy in Northern Ireland.

Northern Ireland has the resources, ambition and expertise to develop a world-leading clean hydrogen economy. With a number of successful projects and initiatives already underway, the coming years present major opportunities that will lead to increased levels of investment, job creation and decarbonisation. Hydrogen NI brings together stakeholders from across the sector and provides a voice for the industry as we work to deliver a thriving clean hydrogen economy in NI.

If you are interested in joining Hydrogen NI simply send us your email address via the form at the bottom of this page and we'll be in touch with membership options.

Unparalleled environmental and economic benefits


Clean hydrogen will play a central role if Northern Ireland is to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2050. In particular, it will be essential to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels across heat and transport.


EU figures show that investments in renewable hydrogen could reach €470 billion across Europe in the next 30 years. NI is uniquely positioned to benefit from this investment.


It is estimated that growing the hydrogen economy could unlock 75,000 jobs across the UK by 2035. With the right approach NI can create thousands of sustainable jobs in the clean hydrogen sector.

Our Role

Representing NI's clean hydrogen sector with policy makers and decision takers

Policies set now will help determine the success of NI’s clean hydrogen economy for years to come. At Hydrogen NI we represent our members by engaging with the NI Executive, government departments, elected representatives, local authorities and policy makers to ensure the views of the industry are heard.

Our Role

Promoting the benefits of clean hydrogen in the media

Hydrogen NI provides a voice for Northern Ireland’s clean hydrogen sector in the media. With spokespeople covering all areas of the sector we promote the benefits of the clean hydrogen economy and inform public debate.

Our Role

Creating an understanding of clean hydrogen's role in the energy transition

While hydrogen has been around for a long time, clean hydrogen as a fuel is a relatively new concept not widely understood by the public. Through strategic engagement and education initiatives Hydrogen NI is raising awareness of the emerging role of clean hydrogen in the energy transition and our everyday lives.